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NEATLINGS Chore Card Self-Care Deck ● 28 Self-Care Chores & 21 Ticket Cards ● Reward & Responsibility ● Yellow - BABYJOX

NEATLINGS Chore Card Self-Care Deck ● 28 Self-Care Chores & 21 Ticket Cards ● Reward & Responsibility ● Yellow

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Product Description

Chore cards have a writable space which allows parents to be specific with each chore. There are checkboxes to select if the chore card is the child’s responsibility or if it is a chore that the child can earn tickets for and how many tickets each chore can earn. Tickets can then be redeemed for items, within the parent’s parameters, that will motivate your child such as screen time, money, or used to purchase other reward items like extra playtime, playdate, or items at a family store.

DECK INCLUDES: 28 Self-Care and Well-Being Chores and 21 tickets cards (fifteen - 1 ticket, three - 5 tickets, three - 10 tickets cards for a total ticket value of 60 tickets). Chores include: Get Dressed, Pajamas, Exercise , Take Nap, Take Vitamins, Put Away Clean Clothes, Put Dirty Clothes in Laundry Basket, Extra Math, Extra Reading, Homework, Learn Home Address, Learn Phone Number, Pack School Bag, Practice Instrument, Bath/Shower, Brush Hair, Brush Teeth, Clear Your Dishes, Pick Up 21 Things, Pick Up Toys, Put Stuff Away When Coming In, Clean Bedroom, Make Bed, Organize Drawers, Organize Your Closet, Purge Clothes That No Longer Fit and Two Blank Chore Cards.

Use alone or with NEATLINGS Chore Chart System and NEATLINGS Erasable Pens.

NEATLINGS Reward and Responsibility Self Care Chore Decks are available in colors purple, pink, light blue, red, dark blue and yellow. These are chores that each child needs to do to be completed such as homework or make bed. They are color coded to allow for self-policing so children cannot ‘borrow’ tickets from siblings as each should have their own color.

Also consider NEATLINGS Household Chore Deck in teal; household deck contains household chores that only need to be completed once to be done such as get mail or take out trash.

Make your own chore chart /reward chart or use as a supplemental chore pack with a NEATLINGS Chore Chart System.

  • Cards are 2.5 x 3.5 inches.
  • Made in USA
  • ★49 CARDS TOTAL: 28 Self-Care Chore Cards. 21 Ticket Cards (fifteen – 1’s, three – 5’s, three – 10’s cards for a total ticket value of 60)
  • ★POSITIVE PARENTING TOOL: Parents set what chores are expected and which are rewarded.
  • ★EMPOWER CHILDREN: Works for readers and beginning readers. Set specific and consistent expectations.
  • ★EMPOWER PARENTS: Gives parents a plan to encourage kids with self-care tasks, instill responsibility & balance work and play.
  • ★EASY TO USE: Parents select chores->Kids do chores and earn tickets->Kids redeem tickets for rewards

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